Acrylic Dentures

The prosthetics department can offer a range of options when it comes to partial or full acrylic dentures.




We offer a variety of different teeth for use on dentures to suit all budgets and aesthetic considerations.


Mid price tooth used on all standard work. Posterior teeth are semi anatomical, with shallow cusp angles. Available in Vita shades.


Private quality tooth with good aesthetics and wear characteristics. Posterior teeth are semi anatomical, with shallow cusp angles. Available in Vita shades and two bleach shades.


Private quality tooth with great aesthetics, particularly translucent tips and good wear characteristics. Posterior teeth are semi anatomical, with shallow cusp angles. Orthosit posteriors have composite occlusal surfaces and have exceptional wear characteristics, particularly suited to F/F cases. Available in Ivoclar Chromoscope shades, of which there are some particularly dark shades which are great when the shade needs to be darker than A4/C4.

Heraeus Premium

Premium quality teeth with exceptional aesthetics, superb surface texture and internal detail. They contain opacious acrylic, which make them particularly suitable for combination work of crowns and dentures as they blend in much better than normal acrylic denture teeth. Posteriors are available in fully anatomical moulds, which look great on partial dentures, however cusp angles are steep and may not be suitable for all cases. Semi anatomical posteriors are also available.

Porcelain Teeth

Rarely used these days, however they can be ordered by request if they are required.

Other Brand

If you have a specific preference on the type of teeth used and they are not listed above, then we do not hold them in stock. However we are more than happy to order any tooth type by request.

Individual Tooth Staining

Individual permanent tooth staining is available for acrylic teeth by means of the Candulor tooth staining kit. This is particularly suitable when placing denture teeth next to heavily stained or cracked natural teeth. Individual tooth staining is charged per tooth.



All acrylic dentures are finished in high impact acrylic whether standard or premium service is indicated. Ivoclar’s Ivocap injection moulded acrylic is also available for superior strength dentures with minimal residual monomer. We can also supply dentures in ethnic shaded acrylic.

Individual Gum Characterisation

The Acrylic flanges of dentures can be custom shaded using ENIGMA Colourtone acrylics for individual characterisation to make them appear more like natural mucosa. This can be used on partial flanges, where the lip line is high and on F/F cases also where aesthetics are paramount.

Clasp Options

There are a number of materials that are available when clasps are to be incorporated into acrylic dentures.

Stainless Steel
Priced per clasp.
Wrought Gold
Softer and more biocompatible than stainless steel. Priced per clasp.
Cast Gold
Cast gold rests and clasps can be fabricated by request and processed into acrylic dentures. Price on application.
Acetyl Resin
Tooth coloured clasps available in a range of shades and can be processed into acrylic dentures. Priced per clasp.

Strengthening Options

Acrylic dentures can be strengthened, either when being repaired or when new dentures are fabricated and previous dentures have been prone to fracture.

Metal Mesh/Wire

Encased in the acrylic, to thicken and spread forces. A common concept about metal strengtheners is that they can cause micro-cracks in the acrylic, where the metal strands flex within the denture as they flex during function.

Stick Fibre Reinforcement

Fibre reinforcement similar to fibreglass matting or strands, which becomes an integral part of the denture, permantly boded to the plastic, not encased.

BPS Dentures

A number of our technicians are trained in the Ivoclar BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) technique of setting F/F dentures. This is branded Ivoclar Vivadent product. Using specific techniques and set up methods, to standardise the procedure of making full dentures. This results in a high quality branded product, with full marketing support available.