Valplast Flexible Dentures

We have several registered Valplast technicians who have all undertaken training at Valplast Headquarters in New York. Valplast has the following advantages;

  • Lightweight
  • Very aesthetic clasping, particularly on anterior teeth, as no metal used.
  • High translucency of the baseplate and clasps allows the natural skin colouration to show through and the denture to blend in and virtually disappear!
  • Baseplate material guaranteed for the life of the denture against breakage (not teeth).
  • Available in two pink shades and two ethnic shades.
  • Very retentive.
  • Suited to most cases where an acrylic denture, or chrome (without metal backings) would be used.
  • Particularly suitable for Unilateral dentures, where only one or two teeth are being replaced.
  • Valplast clasping can also be incorporated with chrome frameworks, to benefit from the aesthetic benefit of valplast retentive wings.
  • White material also available for fabrication of TMJ splints.
  • Patient marketing literature available by request.
  • In our opinion, the best flexible material that is available on the market!

We recommend a flexible denture cleaner to maintain the quality of your Valplast denture. This can be purchased direct from us.