Casterbridge Dental Services

We are a mixed service laboratory offering both Standard and Premier services, however, Implant, CAD/CAM Milling, Chrome Cobalt, BPS and Valplast dentures are only available as part of our Premier service.

We can provide you with all your laboratory requirements, Crown & Bridge, Prosthetics, CAD/CAM Milling, Implants, Chrome Cobalt, Orthodontics and Sports/Night Guards. We are competent in all the leading implant systems including Branemark, Straumann, Astra, Friadent, Ankylos and many others. We can provide in-lab CAD/CAM Milling with the KAVO Everest System and Renishaw's Incise System, both of which are produced in-lab by fully trained competent technicians.

We are an accredited laboratory for both the BPS and Valplast denture systems.Our favoured system for articulation is DENAR for which we can also offer the service of DENAR Field Gauge Checks for your own DENAR articulators.


Treatment Planning/Shade Taking: We can attend the surgery for treatment planning, consultations or shade taking sessions and are always happy for you attend the lab for similar reasons. Appointments can also be made for patients to attend the lab where you have a difficult shade or feel it would be beneficial for a technician to see a particular case. Crowns and dentures can be constructed with the patient in attendance if this is necessary. The charges for the above services are listed on our price list.

Collection/Delivery: We offer an extensive free delivery and collection area (see map left). We call on a daily basis to all practices within our delivery area. For our customers that fall beyond the delivery area we can supply you with our FREEPOST labels. All completed work leaving the laboratory is returned guaranteed delivery, ensuring full traceability.