Nick Lunn RDT Crown & Bridge Manager

My career as a dental technician started in 1974 at the age of 16, when I began a five year indentured apprenticeship. During this time I attended Southampton College and finally completed my apprenticeship after gaining distinction in both practical aspects.

After qualifying I spent several years working in Crown & Bridge gaining the technical experience required to set up my own laboratory. I ran my own lab for seven years and it was during this time I learned the importance of good communication between the laboratory and surgery in achieving the best possible result for the patient.

After working for several other laboratories I joined Casterbridge Dental Studio as crown & bridge manager in March 2008. I have continued to extend my knowledge of crown & bridge work throughout my career attending many courses and lectures, and over recent years this has also included implantology.

Since being with Casterbridge I have received extensive training in the KAVO Everest Milling System with specialist instructors from KAVO in Germany, and I have also spent 2 days training with the IPS e-max system at Ivoclar in Leicester.

I am finding it very rewarding working for such a progressive and innovative laboratory where technology, training and attention to detail are regarded with utmost importance.